FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

    I am interested in the apartment Apartment Horaci How can I check it out?
   You should view the flat. But we can go one better. If you watch the BBC's property program you will know their catch phrase TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Spend a week in the apartment of your choice and really see if it suits you if not check out our competition. If you proceed with our purchase we'll give you the vacation free.  
   You claim that the Mar Jonica apartment will bring in an income of 4.6%. How do you guarantee this and our holidays?
   Too late it's sold!
   You mention a 10% increase in value. Do you guarantee this?
  No but property values on the Playa de Palma had been growing at 15% from 1997 to 2007.

   How much notice do you need for us to choose our holiday period?

    Obviously the more notice you can give the more certain your preferred dates. As school holidays are known way in advance booking for them should be easy. Let us give some examples of how flexible we can be.

The owners of the apartment Apartment Pins, a French family, takes the month of August every year.
The owner of the apartment Apartment Massuti (English) rarely remembers and phones up only days in advance and has to take pot luck. If his apartment is already booked, he can't change his dates or he has friends and requires a larger apartment we try to accommodate his needs.
The Welsh owner of the apartment
Apartment Trasime split their holidays into individual weeks for different members of their family.
Finally the German owner of the apartment Apartment Singladura having bought our renovated flat in 1995 has increasingly taken over his own bookings from his initial 4 weeks agreement leaving us to fill in gaps while we still ensure maintenance and payment of all local bills.  

    When can I take my holidays?

   Anytime time between July and September inclusive. Your periods can be in single or multiple weeks or a complete month as demonstrated in an earlier FAQ.

   We hear of many horror stories about buying abroad. What experience do you have?

    First of all you are not dealing with a WIMPEY or BARRET HOMES. All apartments in our holiday letting business are or have been ours. We bought our first flat in 1978 and have been buying, renovating, renting and selling ever since. We have 6 available for sale now. We have completed this process with 5 other apartments and 4 of the owners are still with us. You can see some of these properties on our holiday business web site www.54321stop.com. Where necessary you can talk to these clients or to someone in your area from among the 2000+ who has stayed in our apartments on holiday.

    What other costs are there?

    There are always costs not shown in the advertising propaganda. The biggest is at the time of purchase when you can expect an extra 9% to cover purchase taxes, land registration fee and legal costs. If you take out a mortgage reckon on 1.25% set up fee. Other costs not covered by our lease back agreement are small by UK standards. Maintenance, insurance, income & wealth tax, rates and community block costs, in total less than 1%/year of your purchase cost - between 500 and 1000 depending the size of the property.

    None of your flats quite suited. Do you have any other for example on the front?

   Sorry no. Property on the front line costs 50% more which you can not recover in the rentals. If you decide to look elsewhere keep at the front of your mind that this is one of the biggest buys in your life. Put at least the same effort you would if buying a car (for him) choosing your wedding dress (for her). Here are some more tips for you

   It all sounds a good deal. Why are you selling?

   It is a very good deal and we have been benefiting from it for years. You should be able to deduce our business plan from the earlier answers. We use the sales to release some capital while retaining a part of the income. Then we are ready to reinvest and as a bonus we also expand the business - a win win situation for all.

    Some promoters claim "A perfect choice for a sound property investment" is this yours?

    A perfect choice has us thinking of a super luxurious penthouse overlooking your own pool and private gardens leading directly to the sea. This is not one of our apartments. They are quite ordinary - good quality but ordinary. We do maintain that the investment is good - bricks and mortar are as solid in Spain as the UK and much better than the bank or the Stock Exchange.   

    I'm interested in going ahead. What's the next step?

    You can talk to us by phoning 00.34.971269936 or try an email via . You can write or even visit us the next time you're in Majorca at Office Calle Parcelas 37, 07610 C'an Pastilla.