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Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. They are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea half way between North Africa and mainland Spain. Four of the islands are populated – Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Also known as the Peaceful Isles the atmosphere of relaxation is contagious and should be considered as the very essence of the Mediterranean way of life. The holiday maker who rushes to the shops or an office expecting a corresponding haste from the employees are in for a surprise.

The thousands of tourists that travel to the island every year spend their well earned vacations, to relax and enjoy themselves in their own way. You can choose to laze around your apartment or lie on a super hot beach gazing out at a cool blue sea. Then take a leisurely lunch sipping a fine wine with a fantastic (and cheap) meal in some local restaurant. If you are more energetic saunter around the historic Palma city looking at the century old buildings, terrific shops as well as museums and galleries.

The country side also has many attractions including mountain walks, nature reserves, theme parks and colourful local markets. Whether you enjoy music, art, sport or tripping the light fantastic in discos, night-clubs and the casino – you get it all here and much more!

Mallorca has an average of 296 sunshine days per year, little wind, even less rain but is comparatively green thanks to the underground aquifers. In spring and autumn expect warm sunny days and mild evenings. In high summer shade temperatures hit 30 centigrade (90 Fahrenheit) while those in the sun grill at 50 C (120 F). Fortunately a fresh sea wind blows, so that it does not get excessively hot on the beach. Even at night there is little relief as the thermometer doesn’t drop below 22 C (70 F). In winter you can count on mild days, but cool evenings. For us really chilly means a mere 19 C (50 F). There is one thing your family can be sure of, that it never goes below zero and the sea never drops below 14 C (58 F).