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We offer comprehensive property caretaking and management with the level of service starting from basic cleaning/laundry and expand into building maintenance & renovations and extend to ensuring the payment of utility bills. A more complete list follows:


linen & laundry
car valeting/maintenance
systematic security checks – plus
butane gas supply
care of plants
general upkeep
inventory control
neighbourhood watch
meter reading
care of pets


accountancy (monthly statements)
insurance(car, boat, home, contents, medical,etc)
licences & permits
taxation & inheritance
lettings & eventual sale


radio, hi-fi, TV, antenna repair
furniture refurbishing
swimming pool upkeep
automobile/boat repair
furniture replacement


standing orders for
social security
community charges & meetings
water bills
M O T & licence plates
income & wealth tax payments
fiscal number & representation
road tax
fiscal licence
driving licence
regular accounts


airport transportation
welcome food & drink pack
currency exchange
car rental
special shopping requests
tour reservations

Obviously we don’t provide the totality of these services ourselves. Our first step is to ascertain if we can handle the work more cheaply ourselves – is the electrical problem just a matter of changing a fuse? – is the “legal” question a simple one which we can answer easily off the cuff? If we can’t provide the solution then we can call-in any one of the tradesmen or professionals we have dealt with successfully in the past. In that we don’t take commissions from these people our selection is unbiased – the payoff is that we bring them more work and as a result they give us and our clients better service. In the busy summer months this is particularly useful – going 2 or 3 days without water in August is no fun when a plumber won’t be called out at short notice. In return for their prompt service they rely on us for prompt payment.

Your most important consideration must be to assess our capacity, both financial and technical for you to entrust your holiday home and money to us. You need to reassure yourself that you are dealing with a professional – the island has many “cowboys” both Spanish and Foreign.

In 1978 we started off a business in Majorca letting our flats to holiday makers. This is still our mainstay activity 25+ years later. Being a foreigner here we set out at once to make sure everything conformed to Spanish law. We applied for the necessary Tourist Board approvals for the apartments as “Viviendas Turisticas Vacacionales”, obtained our fiscal licence (X-0090441-M) and commenced paying social security as a self employed person.

There followed a period of tourist boom in Spain and we soon had friends asking if we could handle their property, taking care of their guests if they were absent. In 1983 we put this on a proper footing taking out a secondary permit as a Property Caretaker in Spain – “Custodio de Apartamentos y Chalets”.

You should also reassure yourself that our roots are in Spain and that you don’t risk your money or possessions doing a mid-night flit! We have based ourselves in Spain since 1976 and naturally speak the language. We are available on the phone 24 hours a day (try us out!). When absent from Spain on business or holiday our housekeeper takes over and oversees the business so that round the year attention is paid to the business. In Spain we work exclusively on the running of holiday accommodation, as already mentioned we have done so for over two decades and have six flats of our own. The deeds for these flats are available for scrutiny (as are those of our office), the flats can be visited or seen on this web site to show the state of their upkeep.

Concerning our other clients we prefer to supply their telephone numbers rather than written references this way you can ask any questions you may have directly to people who know us. Bank references both in Spain and the U K can also be furnished. When the opportunity occurs why not visit us where you can look over the office, stores, laundry room, workshop and garage?